Dog Sledding

Just minutes away from The Bailey’s Bed’n Bale you can be Dog Sledding, Dog Sledding is one of those rare yet exhilarating experiences most people don’t realize exists in Montana. You’ll carve powder and catch air as you fly through the woods. There’s a good chance you’ll see the northern country’s rarest wildlife or signs…
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Snow Skiing & Snowboarding

One of the things Whitefish Montana is known for, is their mountain; Easily accessible from the Bailey’s Bed ‘n Bale, Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort, has all kinds of Ski Runs, the easier ski runs on the front side of the mountain, including moguls. When you take a lift up to the summit ( the top…
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Evergreen Salt Scrub

 EVERGREEN SALT SCRUB (why use one?!) Salt scrubs are a mixture of oils and salts that you gently rub into your skin in the shower to exfoliate your skin.  Doing this regularly supports healthy circulation and helps your body shed old skin cells. This recipe uses minced pine needles as well as a couple of…
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