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Amazing Hummingbirds

Amazing Facts about Hummingbirds We could fill entire books with “amazing facts” about hummingbirds because they are birds to which the adjective “amazing” very much applies. Here are just a few of the best ones:  How many are you apt to view at the Bailey's Bed'n Bale?  Rufous, Calliope, & Black-chinned Hummingbirds are the species…
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Eat Chocolate and Live Longer

Can You “Really” eat dark chocolate and live longer ? If you love dark chocolate, you’re probably well aware of research that suggests it has important health benefits, mostly through improving heart health. It's a bonus to justify your chocolate addiction in the name of longevity.   The Flavanol Factor The greatest benefit from chocolate…
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Eliminating Mosquitoes using essential oils

Keep the Mosquitoes away using the best essential oils for repelling.   Mosquito Repellent Recipe: Makes 100ml. Servings 100 ml Ingredients 20 drops lavender essential oil 20 drops tea tree essential oil 20 drops citronella essential oil 15 drops lemongrass essential oil 5 drops geranium essential oil 1 tsp. neem oil 1 Tbsp. vodka or…
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