Dog Sledding

Just minutes away from The Bailey’s Bed’n Bale you can be Dog Sledding, Dog Sledding is one of those rare yet exhilarating experiences most people don’t realize exists in Montana. You’ll carve powder and catch air as you fly through the woods. There’s a good chance you’ll see the northern country’s rarest wildlife or signs of something you’ll never see on the slopes during your ride on quiet trails of the Still water State Forest. Make sure to bring your goggles so your eyes don’t get wind burned. Dogs are descendants of wolves, so for these types of dogs it is in their blood to run for long distances, while enjoying the cruise themselves. Also I find that many dogs used for dog sledding in the Flathead came from shelters and bad environments for dogs, so by enjoying a dog sledding ride for yourself, you are also helping these dogs have a good home, a purpose and a job they enjoy. These dogs are great at sending home satisfied customers.

Dog Sledding Season Roughly December through March – “weather permitting of course”

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