Here’s How To Stop Your Dog From Overeating

“Is your dog always hungry? 


Ours is too! Every dog owner knows what it's like to be pestered by their pooch for something to eat.

Dogs are naturally driven by the stomach and food. 🙂 As a good pet owner you want your dog to stop wanting to eat all the time.

Here's 5 ways to keep your dog feeling full (and stop them from begging for snacks!)

1. Make sure they're getting enough food at mealtimes. 
Check the label on your dog's food to make sure you're feeding them the recommended amount for their body type. (If you're still unsure, ask your vet.) Using a measuring cup will keep inconsistency in feeding down.

2. Fiber is key.
Fiber takes a long time to digest, so it will help your pooch feel satisfied after a meal. Plus it can protect against diabetes. High fiber is the key to a healthy pet, you can ask your vet if they think your dog needs a fiber supplement.

3. Feed them vegetables for snacks. 
Dogs can eat vegetables and its good for them. Try giving them a piece of raw carrot, celery, broccoli, or green beans. Veggies will keep them fuller for longer than doggie treats.

4. Find them something else to do. 
Dogs get bored like humans and when they get board they eat. If your dog is whining for food, try playing with them, taking them for a walk, or giving them a brushing. Sometimes quality time is better than a snack.

5. Establish consistent mealtimes. 
Dogs get nervous if they are not sure they will get food again. Make sure you're feeding your pooch at the same time every day. Dogs who are sure of their mealtime are not as inclined to beg for food.”("Healthy Eating Anti-Gulp Dog Bowl," 2019)


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