Importance of Social Media

What Is The Importance Of Businesses Using Social Media Today ?


If you are in business you really should know the power of Social media, if you don’t already. In business it’s important to leverage Social Media sites Like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and Tumblr which are all very popular and considered the big ones.

Why should a Business pay any attention to this? Simple, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter literally have billions of users you can potentially get your business information in front of, and your competitor(s) are most likely already on at least one of those platforms. If you put a business page up, do it right or it has the potential to harm your business. For example if you have your business on a social media site (pages, groups, fan sites etc.) and are not keeping up on them. What message are you sending people if you ignore them and don’t post regularly? The customer may think your customer service will be just as bad, on the other hand if you’re active and engaging on social media, making friends and gaining followers, it’s just a matter of time before it pays off.

How many times do you check up on your favorite Websites vs Social Media? The average person spends 2 hours per day on social media. Think about it, waiting in line at a gas station counter what are people doing? Usually not talking but looking at their phone. The next time you go into a restaurant look around and notice all the people looking at their phones. Those are all potential customers.

For businesses that are leveraging Social Media this is great, if you get your message in front of a potential customer you can possibly lead them to your website by including a link and a call to action “Invite them to your website”.

Also social media is wonderful because it is versatile. You can blog, put ads up, update people on specials and events, make announcements and even advertise jobs. This way doesn’t bother people like a solicitation phone call would in the middle of the day, because people visit their social media when they are ready and make time to.

Social media along with it’s Apps has changed the landscape of how people relate, spend their time, socialize and it’s flexible. So go ahead make a post and see how many people like, react or give it a thumbs up, when you see a potential client, you can engage by giving a thumbs up, click on the like button, leave a comment, include them in a comment, retweet, you can also follow, these things will get you noticed.

A great example of a Business Facebook Page:

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