The differences between renting a hotel vs. a vacation rental property

Hotel or a Vacation Rental Property – Which one is the best ?


For most people when deciding where to stay it really depends on what you're looking for, how long you are staying and the type of trip you're on. It's also a matter of amenities and what it is exactly that you are looking for or want to get out of your trip. The average hotel room is about 400 – 500 square feet, with a vacation rental property you can have the whole place to yourself and you get the pleasure of enjoying the real landscape.

The most obvious advantage to vacation rental properties is much more space and privacy, then if there are more than two of you traveling, you can share this space and still feel adequately accommodated. You get to save money as well because these spaces tend to cost less than renting a hotel room to accommodate everyone and the kids can go outside and let some of that extra energy out. Hotel rooms can really add up when considering renting two or more rooms to accommodate everyone and no kitchen facilities. Also keep in mind that vacation rental properties don't include hotel amenities like cleaning services and room service, among others. Another benefit is the option to cook for your self within the premises, which hotel rooms won't allow. So vacation rental properties are really a wonderful way to go, especially if you’re traveling with the whole family or families traveling together on a budget with all the extra square footage, security, privacy and you have the option to cook for yourself.

Chain hotels can be great, but they don’t offer the local immersive experience. And that’s what today’s traveler’s want – they want to live (for a short time) like a local. Hotels in some cases do have advantages, an example of this would be in the case of 1-2 people traveling and they simply just want a bed for the night and enjoy room service.

You can find many different vacation rentals and properties, BAILEY'S BED'NBALE here in beautiful Whitefish Montana can make a believer of stepping away from hotel chains and experiencing all the comforts of "home" as you travel, especially if you’re traveling with your horse(s), in this case even you’re horse(s) will feel much more at home being able to move around and not being stuck in the trailer in a parking lot somewhere.

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