Upcoming Huckleberry Picking Season 2019

There is a special treat in our surrounding forests “ Huckleberries! “


If you’ve never berry hunted, it’s easy to get started, and once you begin, you’ll see huckleberries in places you’ve never noticed.

If you see a bush with leaves deep purple/black or light purple berries, you’ve successfully found a huckleberry. Be sure you are positive you’re eating huckleberries! When in doubt, ask someone to help you identify!

Hunt for your Huckleberry Patches Early!
Ideally, you should have 2 or 3 good patches to shoot for. Begin checking the areas a couple weeks before the berries are due to ripen. This gives you the best chance of being the first one to the patch when they do ripen!

 Keep Your Spot Secret!
Just like hunting and fishing, having a secret huckleberry spot is a big deal around here. Most people won’t tell exactly where they pick berries because they don’t want others to go and pick them before they get to them.

Avoid Picking On Weekends!
Plan to do your Montana huckleberry picking during the week to avoid crowds. Ideally, you will want to arrive before “opening weekend” – in other words, plan to pick a couple days before the weekend arrives, not a couple days after. Although there is no “official” opening weekend.

Avoid Early Morning & Late Afternoon Picking!
Be aware that animals are much more likely to be on the move during the cooler mornings and late afternoons, so avoid picking during these times to avoid possible confrontations. This doesn’t eliminate the risk of running into a bear, but it may lessen it, especially during the hottest summer months.

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