Whitefish Winter Carnival 2019 – Woodstock Whitefish

One of Whitefish’s Main Events of the Year is the Whitefish Winter Carnival, In celebration of the Nordic winter god, Ullr, guests will waddle their cold feet through a series of bone-chilling activities. With red cheeks and frozen nose drippings, you'll have the chance to dive into the frozen Whitefish Lake for charity, watch a themed parade skate across town and stuff your face with freshly baked pie at the pie social.

Join the fun and festivities along with The Royal Court, but beware of the Yetis and their mischievous antics, because what happens in Whitefish follows you home.

Parade Time and Date: 3 PM, Saturday, February 2, 2019
Parade Theme: “Woodstock Whitefish”

This is a great time of year to plan a long weekend at the Bailey’s Bed ‘n Bale, as this event in Whitefish is only minutes away, and the Whitefish night life is all part of the celebration.

For More Information Visit: https://www.facebook.com/whitefishwintercarnival/

“The Full Story”:

Once upon a time, there lived a god named Ullr ...

Ullr reigned over winter activities in the Nordic regions. Aiding him were his Prime Minister and Queen, who were skilled in creating the beauties of winter.

As time went by, however, his subjects become engrossed in exploring the world and its oceans, and they paid less homage to their god-king and the festivities of their winter season, so Ullr became a god all-but-forgotten, except in dim tradition.

After centuries of brooding and searching the world for a place to rest, Ullr and his two remaining subjects came to the Flathead Valley. So struck were they by its beauty that they decided to settle there and selected the Big Mountain as their adopted home. Their rest was short-lived as they soon found their home was also the abode of a fierce band of snowmen called Yetis, who attempted to kidnap their Queen. However, Ullr and his followers being more agile and resourceful prevailed and learned to live with only occasional skirmishes with the Yetis.

Eventually, man invaded the valley with axes, guns and wagons. Ullr, his followers and the Yetis observed these men as they civilized the valley and were alarmed these men began to invade their homes. Ullr found these men were not aware of his presence, and as he continued to observe these men, he found they not only enjoyed the sports of winter, but referred to Ullr himself as a patron saint of their small celebrations and revelries. Seeing his chance after centuries of loneliness and self-banishment, Ullr assumed the garb of these men and went among them. The Yetis, however, would have nothing to do with these men except for attempts to drive them away. Ullr aided the men in subduing the harassment of the yetis, became their true hero and King, and it was proclaimed that there would be an annual fete at which Ullr and his court would be given the full homage due them.

Now each year the in town of Whitefish, known as Holiday Village, the Yetis, bolder than ever, try to steal the Queen, harass the Prime Minister and interfere with the festivities to assert their right to Big Mountain. Ullr and his growing band of followers subdue them and send them fleeing back to their haven in the high valleys beyond the Big Mountain, where they plan their next raid. Ullr again reigns as master of winter sports and frolics along with his Queen and Prime Minister, beloved in the hearts of his loyal subjects.


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